My Every Day Makeup Routine

I am by no means a makeup pro nor do I like to wear too much make on a regular day, but heck we all need a little boost and I’m sharing my favorite products with you all! It takes a while to figure out a good routine for YOU, products that you like, and your own personal look that you feel happy and comfortable wearing and applying every day but I finally feel really satisfied with my current routine. It takes around 10 minutes for me to apply (honestly which working mama has more time than that?), it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky, it’s glowy and dewy, and I feel very light and natural looking.

Below are the products I am currently using (click the links to shop!) with some tips! Let me know what you think and have fun!

Beauty blender:

I wet this a tiny bit with water and use it to pat in my foundation, and then concealer.




All over under eye concealer:


Illuminating Concealer (for corners of eyes):

I dab this in with my fingers to really brighten up the whole area.


Contouring makes a huge difference especially if your face isn’t natural so defined but I never like when it looks to harsh. I use the contour kit below and blend it in really well so that it all looks seamless and natural.


Contour Kit:

Use this image below as a guide to show you where to contour and where to highlight.



I give a brush of this by my hairline, and over when I contour to give a sun-kissed glow.



Everyone has a different preference but I like to apply blush at the apples of my cheeks. It give me life and makes me look awake and babydoll like.

My favorite neutral lip color and liner:

I explained in my instagram live last week how to over-line your lips slightly to create and  plum lip effect. Just line a little outside of your natural lip line and at the top middle of your lips just go straight across instead of following the two points in. Then blend in all with your lips so the line doesn’t look harsh. Use the Dolce Vita lipstick to fill in the center and give more color. Ta-da!



Brows are my claim to fame and the thing I get asked most about but honestly I have to thank my momma and dadda for them because they’re pretty much all natural. I had them waxed once before and she took off my whole was mortifying! since then I tweeze very little (just 2 or 3 stray hairs under and a few in between my brows) as I like to keep a natural shape, and I fill a little bit with an eyeshadow brush dipped in some water and then in dark brown eyeshadow. We all have some spots that are more sparse than other so I like to fill them in little to make them look more uniform and striking.I then give them a little brush up and over to make them look polished and clean!



Highlighting is my favorite part of makeup. It makes a HUGE difference and I have fallen absolutely in love with this one!

Don’t forget to curl your lashes and swipe on your favorite mascara. It makes a HUGE difference and it the one thing I will never leave the house without!


Message me or comment with any questions and don’t forget.. you are beautiful because you’re a hard working, smart, and sexy lady! 🙂





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